Etsy needs your help!

In crafting, Etsy, making, The Etsy Garden on June 12, 2007 by jallspaw

Do you know any talented senior (read: 60 years and up!) Etsy users that don’t necessarily use the forums or read the blogs? If so, we need your help! We’re interested in featuring older Etsians, their shops, and what motivated them to start using Etsy—be it retirement, a lifetime love of crafting or simply a new hobby. We’re collecting these stories for a blogging idea and in order to do a targeted press pitch.

We’re also interested your senior friends, neighbors, and relatives who aren’t necessarily Etsy users, but who are doing interesting things in the world of handmade. If you know anyone who fits that description, pass it on to You can also talk about it in the forums!

Shout out to les Vieux Jours for her cool olden days, reincarnated items. We thought this image went nicely with the theme of the post!

One Response to “Etsy needs your help!”

  1. Young at heart here, at 58, however living in San Francisco it takes a toll due to the AIDS epidemic and then later… hot on hells wheels came the dot com invasion. I have prematurely aged. Etsy is a great experience and I am grateful Etsy is as wild as it is.

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