Site Outage – Thu, Mar 8

In Tech Updates on March 8, 2012 by patrickatetsy Tagged:

1:50 PM EST: We are experiencing a site outage and working to remediate it.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

2:03 PM EST: We have traced the outage to a database change and are taking the appropriate steps to alleviate the issue.

2:23 PM EST: There is a long-running query blocking the site from loading that we are working to bypass right now.

2:30 PM EST: Some of the databases have recovered, and we are going through to clear the remainder.

2:46 PM EST: We are bringing up the site with certain features disabled temporarily, such as search.  We will be enabling these features as quickly as we can.

3:08 PM EST: The site is stable and search is back online.  There are still a few listing related features disabled for now.  They will be enabled shortly.

3:29 PM EST: All features have been enabled with the exception of the API.

3:52 PM EST: API is back.

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