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Indie Emporium says: we need vendors!

indie emporium

Hey sellers!

Christine of suchprettythings is organizing a craft fair called Indie Emporium, and she needs vendors! The fair is happening in late October in beautiful downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Christine says:

“Hello Etsy Folk. I’m in the process of organizing a big indie craft show, hopefully with as many etsy sellers as vendors. We’ve got a 20,000 square foot building for the weekend and in addition to the vendors, we will have a fashion show of handmade clothes, 4 or 5 crafting stations throughout the vendor booths, a few workshops / demonstrations (hopefully one by fabulous Jenny Hart!), and a gallery space (plus super fabulous after-parties!).”

For more information on participating, go here!

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Makin’ out!

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Michigan Street Team

Here’s a big ol’ Etsy shout out to the Michigan Street Team! They’ve been taking the spirit of the Etsy Labs to the streets of Michigan in an attempt to spread the word about Etsy and share their varied skills — not only with other street team members, but the public as well! As Etsy Labs’ own Mary Contrary put it,

“The [Michigan Street Team] ladies promoted the event all over the Etsy forums and in the area to spread the word about the event. What a great way to bring what we are doing here at the Brooklyn Labs to their own area! This is exactly the type of initiative we want you all to be taking with your teams and expanding the Etsy love all over! I KNOW lots of you have been wanting an Etsy Labs in your own area, and this is the perfect way to bring the concept there within your own team!”

M.S.T. members Heidi of Designchic and Danielle of PreciousPups recently organized a skill-sharing event called the “Make-Out Session.” They named it as such because they’d be would be leading skill shares in a focused “session” and, well, making things! As Heidi explains, “Yesterday we had a ‘make-out session’. Taryn from TalkingSquid did an embroidery demo and Danielle did a glass etching demo. [See Alison of PartPencil’s glass below!] It was a lot of fun, (and) I’m hoping that we can do them on a monthly basis.”

Glass etching Michigan

For more pictures from the event, see Danielle’s Flickr, and for additional coverage, see the EtsyLabs blog for cross reference!

P.S. Have you been taking initiatives with your team and setting up events in your area? We’d really love to hear about them, and show them off as examples for other teams! Send your information to


Etsy needs your help!

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Do you know any talented senior (read: 60 years and up!) Etsy users that don’t necessarily use the forums or read the blogs? If so, we need your help! We’re interested in featuring older Etsians, their shops, and what motivated them to start using Etsy—be it retirement, a lifetime love of crafting or simply a new hobby. We’re collecting these stories for a blogging idea and in order to do a targeted press pitch.

We’re also interested your senior friends, neighbors, and relatives who aren’t necessarily Etsy users, but who are doing interesting things in the world of handmade. If you know anyone who fits that description, pass it on to You can also talk about it in the forums!

Shout out to les Vieux Jours for her cool olden days, reincarnated items. We thought this image went nicely with the theme of the post!